I swear there has got to be NO and I mean NO good guitar shops left in South Florida anymore. Sam Ash and Guitar Center still have the same run of the mill inventory and the Boutique/Vintage shops are all overpriced and ran by people I'd knock the fuck out of if I had the opportunity. This really is pathetic....The internet is basically the same shit. Nobody has much in stock and the same vultures who buy up the cool shit are still trying to flip them on eBay or Reverb. I saw a Washburn Dime 333 not too long ago on Reverb for like $2-3k and I laughed. The thing wasn't even upgraded and it's an import model. I'm not paying $2-3k for a stock import guitar. For that kind of cash I'll get something made in the U.S......the only imported guitars worth that much to me are high end ESP's and Ibanez models made in Japan.....outside of that you can go fuck yourself. A few things I do like about import guitars now compared to when I was actively playing 10 years ago is there are more neck thru models, more guitars with better pickups (Duncan's and EMG's stock is pretty damn cool), and they're actually putting quality Floyd Rose and Kahlers on more stuff.....THAT is pretty fuckin' cool.....This lame ass COVID excuse for the "lack of stock" has gotten me to the boiling point though....These assholes need to get their shit together.


It's funny the time we live in right now. This COVID stupidity and the people believing the garbage being spouted out on the news. The whole mask thing is a joke. I'll give two examples why:

1. Go outside when it's cold with a mask on. You'll see your breath

2. If you can't do what I just mentioned put one of those masks on and breathe on to a pair of glasses/sunglasses and watch the lens get fogged up.

Those two simple experiments prove the mask doesn't do anything but give a placebo effect for the weak. Look, I'll just come out and say it "My freedoms don't end where your fears begin"....don't like it ? Oh well....go be "safe" locked up in your home while the rest of us enjoy life and you people stay out of our business. You can give all the dirty looks you want when you see me outside enjoying my life not wearing the "Muzzle of Compliance". Before I end my rant I'd like to know when "falling in line" and "conforming" because acceptable in the rock/metal community ? Seriously ? I thought the whole deal was to be noncompliant and take no bullshit....Seriously, WTF has happened ? When and where was the metal community neutered ? I know the country (and to an even bigger extent the world) has always had it's share of the cowardly and gutless trolls who don't think for themselves and support psychotic far left bullshit but when did the metal community turn into such pussies ? Between this shit and "Cancel Culture" I dunno how much more of this shit I can put up with....This generation of easily offended losers and their "woke" attitude has got to be the most pathetic shit I've ever seen. Ok, I'm done ranting for now.


Life has changed a lot since my last entry. I'm 36, I've got short hair, and I've been married since October 2011. It's weird being almost 40, having short hair, and married for almost 9 years. Wow...9 years....longest I ever held a regular job was 2 years lol.....I had a major alcohol addiction that almost killed me, I lost my 2 dogs but gained 3....never thought I'd be the responsible guy providing for a family....my best friend, my grandfather died in 2012....my uncle a few years earlier....strange writing all of this and seeing how much has changed since March 2009.....back then I was living in Los Angeles with no intention of coming back to South Florida....shit, I even worked in Corrections..... me !!!!!....I am part of the Law Enforcement community....still blows my mind.


I've decided to bring back the "Diary" page....those of you who have known me for a long time and have been to the old site know that I used to have a diary on there, but I ended up taking it off...Since I don't feel like dealing with a Live Journal I decided to bring back my "Diary"...So I'll be posting whenever I've got something interesting to say.

-Damien Azrael

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