Gear List

The following is a list of guitars, amps, effects, and accessories I use with my live rig:

Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black) w/ Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz
Gibson Slash V.O.S. (Heritage Cherry)

Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul Custom (Heritage Cherry)
LTD Black Metal M w/Floyd Rose (Seymour Duncan Blackened Black Winter Pickup)

Dean Dimebag Darrell Signature Guitar (Dime Slime)
Fender Mick Mars Copy (Tobacco Sunburst)
Fender HSS Strat w/Floyd Rose (White)

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 (For Dirty Sounds)
Two Marshall MX Cabinets

Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner
Shure ULXS14 Wireless System
KORG DTR-1000 Tuner
Dunlop DCR-1S Crybaby Rack Wah w/ two controllers
Rocktron Hush Super C
T.C. Electronic G Major 

Morley ABY Box
Dunlop Wah Controller

Ernie Ball Strings (10-48 for my 6 strings and 10-56 for my 7 strings)
Hipshot Products
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Original Floyd Rose Tremolos
In Tune Guitar Picks (1.14 Gauge)
Schaller Straplocks
Levys Guitar Straps
Oh yeah....And a lot of booze !!!

Guitar Rig Pics

Gibson Les Paul Custom:

Basically I got this guitar in 2005 and made a few changes to it. I removed the gold hardware for black, replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncans (JB in the Bridge and a Jazz in the Neck) and the last change was a Hipshot Guitar Extender so I can switch to Drop D without having to switch guitars.

Gibson Slash VOS Les Paul:

This is one of about 500 pieces (I think...maybe less) that is modeled after the first Les Paul that Gibson ever gave Slash. It became his main guitar onstage and can be seen in the video for "Sweet Child 'O Mine".

Fender Mick Mars Copy:

This started out as a Highway 1 Strat that I decided to make look like the Strat you can see Mick Mars playing in the video for "Hooligans Holiday". The neck pickup came out of a Moser Bastard V. The Floyd Rose is non-recessed and there's a shim in the neck pocket giving it a neck angle so I can use the Floyd Rose properly.

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