Life is a crazy adventure. A quick update and I promise I’ll be updating more from now on. Basically I took a job in November 2021 to work for the Gibson Custom Shop. That didn’t work out and in March 2023 I no longer worked there. Following that I became a Deputy Sheriff in June and as of November 7, 2023 I no longer work there. I was not fired, I quit. Why ? Because I have been given an opportunity to make money playing guitar again so by early 2024 I will be back out on tour. An official announcement will be made probably around December. I’m very excited. I just rebuilt my guitar rig and I think my new rig is even better than my old one. Updates coming soon. 


As November 15, 2021 I will no longer be living in Florida. I have taken an opportunity that will have me relocating to Nashville, TN. This puts somewhat of a delay on my timeframe of releasing new music BUT this also puts me in a better place to create new music. So for the time being I'll be extremely busy transitioning from Florida to Tennessee. Thank you for your patience.


Just a quick update. If you've known me or have been to this site I used to have a lot of News/Information about my previous bands/bandmates. As of today that's all gone. I feel as though the past is the past and it's definitely not worth keeping that shit around anymore. I will no longer waste my time and energy on individuals that I used to work with or dwell in the past in any way. The songs on this site are older and once new material is ready it will replace what's currently on here. Thank you for your understanding.


Alright so I finally have an update, I’ve gotten about 17 songs I’ve been working on. I’m also trying to rebuild my guitar rig, get a set up for recording, and get a few new guitars all while working full time. Time management is a bitch but things are moving forward…. Slowly, but moving. My tone has changed quite a bit from the old days as well as my choice in guitars so that’s been exciting. Gear wise if you've ever seen me play or know me personally I've always been a Gibson Les Paul with Seymour Duncans through a Marshall guy...granted there have always been some exceptions but that's basically what I was all about. Lately my main guitar hasn't been my trusted Les Paul Custom but an LTD Black Metal M....I've always been interested in ESP/LTD guitars and after finally getting my hands on one I must say I love it. It came with a Seymour Duncan Black Winter pickup in the bridge which I REALLY love. So it's giving me ideas for new gear or upgrades to older stuff. Anyways I'm looking forward to posting something new soon. 


Holy shit have I become a slacker. It's been 4 years since I originally tried to get shit going again and I'm sorry. For any of you that have followed me I'm sorry to have strung you along and let you down. I meant well but my heart wasn't in it as well as some other issues. What other issues you ask ? Well I'll tell you. I spent the last 10 years in public safety jobs like private security and Corrections. read that right. Your old buddy is a state certified Corrections Officer with plans on becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. That being said it hasn't been all good news. Since my last efforts in 2010 I've sold all but about 4 guitars, I have no amplifiers, but I still got the rest of the shit in my rig lol.....I'm looking into rebuilding both my guitar collection and my rig as of right now. So what else is going on ? Well I developed a serious drinking problem over the last few years to the point it was destroying myself and my family. I've recently got it under control and I have a new fire burning in me to create music again. I'm not giving a timeline because it's in the beginning stages but I am writing again. I hope to have something recorded soon to give you all an idea where I'm going with this but as for an album that probably wont happen for at least a year. I'm being realistic this time and not gonna jerk you guys off like I had been for years. This is a new beginning in many ways because I really have nothing left from my past (musically speaking) so I'm looking forward to the future. Well I've babbled long enough. Be back soon......for real this


I've been sitting around for the past 6 years doing a lot of thinking.... Thinking about if I should have stopped playing when I did or if I should have continued on... After dwelling on it, weighing out the pros and cons, and asking myself if I'm happy with how things ended I've decided "NO !!!!!"..... The way it all ended was not cool and I should never have quit... That being said I'm going to return... For years I've talked about a solo album that I've been working on so let me start with that.... It's not made up I have in fact been fucking around with songs that I was planning on releasing under my own name for quite a few years.... So what happened ?.... Everytime I would be ready to record I'd end up in a different band so then all my attention was put there.... After my last musical venture I was depressed and started looking for a new career.... In the process I also got married which put my music even further on the back burner....I've always considered a return if it felt right and right now it does... First step is I'm re-doing my rig... This time I gave myself a goal and a particular time frame to keep me on track.... I'll keep you all updated.... Later.

Oh my god....I forgot how long it's been since I came on here... There is a lot to be said about the past 2 years...For one I don't really do music all that much anymore...After my last few experiences I got really burnt out from it all....Don't get me wrong, I love music....I just don't have the abilitiy to deal with a lot of the bullshit that comes with it anymore....So unless something really interesting and cool comes along I'm not going to be doing much....If I can ever get the money together I do want to record the 14 song disc I basically finished writing for...I finished it a year and a half ago with the intent to go into a studio and record....Hopefully I'll be able to do that....On to bigger news....In 2010 I met a really amazing person named Misty, and we fell in love...We were married in October 2011 and we live together here in Florida with her 5 kids...I with kids....freaky right ?....HAH !!!....Anyways....That's been where my attention is at along with pursing a career in Law read that right....I'm trying to become a cop...I'm attaching a pic here of me and my wife:
Me and my wife Misty
I've also dropped quite a bit of weight and chopped off more of my hair:

That's all that's been going on in my life....Later.

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