2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom

My main axe ever since I got it was this 2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Pretty much everything I have ever recorded this guitar has been on it in some way. 

Basically I got this guitar in 2005 and made a few changes to it. I removed the gold hardware for black, replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncans (JB in the Bridge and a Jazz in the Neck) and the last change was a Hipshot Guitar Extender so I can switch to Drop D without having to switch guitars. I’ve added more pictures of this guitar to show the wear and tear from years of beating the Hell out of it and decided it should have its on page because of how important it is to me. And to answer the two questions I always get asked:


1. It is not for sale and never will be

2. I didn’t name it because I don’t name my guitars. Well…. Not in a serious way like a woman’s name, but I refer to it as The Joker because of the sticker on the back.